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Story here is pretty simplistic! I work part time within a brick and mortar location an spend my other days working from home and wherever locals meet me for work! Thus, making it VERY simple for me to meet with anyone on any given date and time to notarize paperwork! I have always sought the ability to do something for my community and see fit that this opportunity has been just that for me! Helping others is in my nature; so if helping you is possible, I will be happy to!
I am a marketing manager outside of this work as well as a mother and essential oils distributor. My boyfriend and I have managed to turn our incomes into something we can almost completely work for ourselves on our own times with! My two youngest children attend a Montessori school in which is year- round so it's always school time over in this household! My bonus daughter we have part time and enjoy her presence as much as my nephew who we have opened our home to also! All income I do make notarize has been set up in a fund for the well- being of the children; to keep my youngest in Montessori schools and be able to provide the best opportunities for my nephew's autistim in hopes to find therapies and possibly some well established programs to better his life completely.